And by Stoners, obviously I mean Rolling Stones fans.
I did this before, but I can’t find my list, so I’ve compiled a whole new list of songs by them that every fan new or old, in my opinion, should have in their possession.

Just like before, I took all the songs I have on my computer by the Stones, around 600 tracks (studio and single versions, live versions, alternate tracks, bootlegs and everything in between), put them on shuffle, and selected the ones that are impossible to pass up. However, I did only include the studio or single versions in this list because adding other things was making this post entirely too long. And thus, here is my list, songs followed by year of original release.

It was really extremely hard to cut songs out, and I know there will be some that people will think “why the hell isn’t this song on there” so keep in mind this is an opinionated post, but this list is the bare minimum of what I think Stoners need in their music libraries.